Our Story

From the Hardwood to the Vineyard  

Former high school basketball teammates Braxton Reeves and Jordan Kennard have seen their journeys bring them to being teammates once again as co-owners of 94 Pours.  Braxton and Jordan's love and passion for wine and a pandemic leading to a rekindled friendship, ultimately led to the revelation of a shared vision to fill a missing void in the wine industry.

The Texas based owners have a goal to bring more knowledge, accessibility, and overall enjoyment of the world of wine to all communities.  As young Black owners the pair look to make a permanent mark in the industry, and inspire others to explore the beautiful world of wine.

Why the name? 

The name 94 Pours tells the origin story and foundation of owners Braxton and Jordan.  The pair met on the basketball court, which is 94 feet in length. Both being born in the year '94 just solidified the importance of that number. Combining the number with "Pours" was fitting, as Braxton and Jordan have shared several pours over the years, and look forward to sharing a few with you.